Amber Waves – October 10, 2013

by Rocky D

My fellow Americans, what’s more American than perpetual Presidential puffery? Presi-fraud Obama says “A U.S. default on our debt would trigger chaos.” Really? Chaos? What do you call what’s going on NOW, Skinny? Meanwhile, Obama says if he owned the Redskins, he would consider changing their name to something “more palatable” to him — The Obamas. Meanwhile the mainstream, pop-culture, so-called “news” media continues to blame the shutdown on the Republicans, when it’s the Democrats who are refusing to budge. Then again the mainstream, pop-culture, so-called “news” media also claims that Miley Cyrus twerking is high art. In a related story, Obama says that we should put more economic sanctions on Syria. Look, Barack, if you want to do damage to Syria, just send them your economic advisers.

Speaking of brain drains … tests show that American adults score LOWER than the International Average when it comes to math, reading and problem-solving. Which goes a long way to explaining how Obama got elected in the first place.

Speaking of funny money … the new $100 bills cost 12-cents each to make. Leave it to the Obama Administration to spend $99.88 for every 12-cents they make. To make the new $100 bill reflect the Obamaconmy, the new picture will show Ben Franklin wearing a barrel and hitchhiking.

Speaking of on the road to Zanzibar (obscure reference #1) … Daylight Saving Time changes are causing some problems in the Holy Land. Palestine, Israel and Jordan have staggered their time change dates. The rest of the Middle East will leave their clocks set at 1100 BC.

Speaking of time outs … the Denver Broncos are a 28-point favorite over the Jacksonville JaguarsĀ this Sunday. That’s the biggest spread in the NFL EVER — well, since Debby Does Dallas.

And Tom hanks says he has Type 2 Diabetes. What’s worse is that he was practicing giving injections on Wilson and popped him (obscure reference #2).

Rocky D, WQSC 1340 & 950 The Voice of CharlestonĀ
Broadcaster/Talk Show Host/ Voice-over/ Crash Test Dummy

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