Amber Waves – October 24,2013

rockydby Rocky D

My fellow Americans, what’s more American than ridiculous rollout redundancies? The Obamacare website claims it necessary to know about your sex life, exercise regimens, drinking habits, diet, etc, etc, etc. Then they cross-check your answers with the NSA to make sure it’s really YOU. White House press secretary jay Carney HARUMPHED when a reporter compared the Obamacare Rollout with the Hindenburg. The two are VERY different. After all, the Hindenburg had a swastika on its tail. Obamacare has a hammer & sickle. Presi-fraud Obama’s rose garden speech was interrupted when a pregnant woman with diabetes fainted. So Obama went into action and immediately added smelling salts to Obamacare. And remember; democrats don’t care what’s IN a bill, just as long as it’s mandatory and they are exempt from it.

Speaking of farming for pharmaceuticals … Silk Road, a website billing itself as the “E-Bay for Drugs” was hacked into and taken down by the feds. The government wasn’t really interested in busting drug dealers. They were trying to figure out how they handled so much traffic and use that to fix the Obamacare website.

Speaking of fishy bidness … Sea World has new safety protocols in place since two of their animal trainers have been killed. The new Rule for any trainer working with killer whales is SWIM REALLY REALLY FAST.

Speaking of scary stuff … Halloween is a week away. Millions of Americans will seek ways to scare themselves to death — I mean besides trying to navigate Obamacare online.

And Kelly Ripa has been named Grand Marshal of the New York City Halloween parade. She gets to choose her staff for it. She’s already chosen Regis Philbin “Honorary Zombie.”

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