Astro Vibes


Astro Vibes

by Holly Hall

This is the week of June 2nd 2013 and welcome to yet another week of astro fun!
This weeks astro energy will end on “Show me the Money!” But first we have to get it started and make the most of it. With that said forewarned is forearmed. This week will start out feisty, energetic and for many Pissed off! Many have had enough with how and what they earn. Communication has be scattered and all talk, no action. Enough is enough! So use this energy for most of Monday and Tuesday to get mad and find a plan of action. So what are you going to do about it!? Great now you have an idea. Mid week use the grounded, energy to make a plan with this new found strategy you have created. Basically put your money where your mouth is OR inform others to do so. Ending the week and going into the weekend, you will feel nostalgic, maybe feeling sorry for yourself, or another. Keep that in check use the emotion to nurture and care for yourself, but do not waver from “The Plan” the weekend is best spent with family and friends who are like family, share your ideas many of you will get support. Just remember negative support can still be priceless information you can use.
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