Brian Psalms is as Bold as a Lion!

brianp1Recently James Lowe from The Will Roberts Weekly sat down with one of the very exciting artists on the scene. The following is a written interview we conducted with the Brian Psalms while he was working on his next CD and tour. First off, I want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to us here today, as i know our readers have been requesting us get you in here somehow some way. You folks have been described by your fans as an internet sensations in this interview we will attempt to figure out how this artist became such a great performer and what they have going forward.


Q. Tell us about the history of the band?

A. I have always been into music, I played drums for my church at 15 and I was raised with a keyboard.  I started rapping late, but I have a feel for it, and it’s working out.


Q. What makes the band so refreshing for this day and age of music?brianp3

A. It’s just something real and is what the industry is lacking.  Not everyone wants to listen to old school Gospel or Christian Rock, some people love hip hop and would prefer to hear the Christian message in a hip hop way.


Q. What have been your high and low points since being in music?

A. My highs have been getting radio stations to play the music, but my lows have been I see that a regular station will accept you before a Christian radio station. I’m not trying to make enemies, but that’s the way it is.


Q. How has the local response been to your music?

A. I’ve had a good response, better than what I thought.  There’s a lot of people out there, that want to hear the Christian message over a hip hop beat.


Q. Tell us about how music effected you getting into music yourself?

A. I love music.  When I was young at night my dad would play his records, and I would play my drums and keyboard to the music.  No matter where I went if I went out of town, I would have my keyboard because it’s good therapy.  Music can put you into a good mood, sad mood, or whatever.  It is just a really good way to set your mood.



Q.Where can we find you online?

A. You can follow me on twitter @brianpsalms, or hit me on facebook  The website will be, but it’s not up yet.


Q.Finally what has your sights set on for the next year, anything big in the works?

A. Everything is big, I’m just trying to get added to as many stations possible, do as many interviews possible, and start getting a tour ready for next year.

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