Facebook Suspended Me Again For The 4th Time!


by Will Roberts

Facebook suspended again for the fourth time!

From what I can gather, this suspension is a direct result of me trying to be Social on a Social Network. I tried to make friends with people that were commenting on some of my friends post. Apparently they see this as a Social crime.

You can NOT ask folks to be your friend on Facebook IF you are not friends already …WHAT?

Like minded people should try to hang out and be friends, don’t ya think?

This confuses me Facebook, because isn’t Facebook a social media site where we are supposed to “socialize” ???

Maybe Facebook should just be called …ClubFace because based on the idea that you can only join someone’s group if you “know someone ;)” is really just a club.  If that’s the case call it WashingtonFace! Or PoliticanFace, or SlideMeA$100Face.

Based upon Kevin Bacon’s six degrees of separation and the Bible – we are all brothers and sisters, We MUST all be related in someway, right?

Try this Facebook policy theory in your life or your business and see how it works for you. You can only be a part of the club or do business with people, if you have a friend that knows a friend, what is this the Mob!

Here is the real rub…When you try to befriend someone on Facebook, you “request” that they allow you to be a friend.  So, they have the option of saying yes or no. That’s why it’s called a friend request and not a friend demand.

If someone has a group and it says “NO BOYS!” I wouldn’t send a request. Telling us who we can and can’t be friends with is a little like an arranged marriage.

SAVE FACE Facebook, take me off suspension and I won’t let everyone know that you are selling my info to advertisers and who knows who else. Plus I won’t report you for being a #Bully.

Folks, help me pass this on and get the message out about this Anti-Socialism that Facebook is pulling. And Facebook don’t try to blame this on President Obama just because it has the word Social in it. Stop this and let us decide who we can be friends with. #FaceBully


Your friend, << I THINK!

Will Roberts

Author: admin

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