Hero is becoming a 4 letter word!

Well, it’s official; I’m a skeptic, suspicion, cynical.
So, I saw a story today about a young black man that was arrested and sitting in a holding room with a police officer and out of the blue the cop passes out and hits the ground. Without even thinking the young man starts kicking and banging on the door, to alert the other officers, hence saving the life of the police officer.

Here’s the part that leads me to believe that I’ve become a skeptic. Raise your hand if you thought when I said “the young man starts kicking” he was kicking the police officer. Also, raise your hand, if you think the reason, the young man alerted the other officers, is because if he didn’t and the officer died, he would have been blamed. EVEN if the fallen officer had a tattoo on his body, saying: This young black man did not cause this.

Boy has the world changed or has it. Even our hero’s these days face the scrutiny of our media and the internet. We are relentless to find even one slight mishap and make it into the next big viral scandal. But then again, it used to be, to be a hero, you just worked hard and were selfless, NOW, it just takes a good marketing budget. There I go again, being skeptical!

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