“It’s Foreign To Me”: The Mayan Prophecy



“It’s Foreign To Me”: The Mayan Prophecy

It’s Foreign To Me┬áis our segment co-hosted by the roving radical, Johnny, Senior Radical Commentator on current affairs.

This week I’m thinking, now that we are in the Mayan prophecy of the end, maybe it’s time to have a drink. How the hell are we ever going get thru this sober.

It is ALL foreign to me.

I think we should step back every so often and take a look at the big picture. So…

Let me see if I’ve got this right. Tornadoes are getting bigger.

Ice caps are getting smaller.

Hurricanes are more frequent.

Droughts are getting longer.

Ocean levels are getting higher.

Deserts are getting hotter.

Infrastructures are falling apart.

Religious groups are getting dangerously extreme.

Corporations are too big to fail.

Governments are failing.

People are less ethical than ever.

And the Simpson’s ratings are down on TV.

So… It sounds like the Mayan prophecy is coming true to me. It IS the end of the world.

Now, there are a lot of ways to look at all this, and I’ve always been a ‘glass is half full, of bourbon! guy myself. So I think we should have a drink.

It is possible that all this madness is out of control and we will all parish in a slow agonizing collapse of everything we hold dear. But I am an optimist. So I try to find the bright side to things. The big plus here is, all that credit card debt you’ve racked up ain’t gonna matter much longer. That and the fact that with just a small rise in oceans or a medium size quake on the San Andreas, we get Yuma Beach here in Arizona where I am.

If you’re not prepping for a collapse of the economic and social systems you’re in denial.

Having a plan is important for you and your loved ones. Putting together a supply of water, food, medical supplies and equipment is essential these days. Add to this a plan for your family to get outa dodge when things go bad and you are beginning to be ready for the inevitable.

This is like insurance. Hope you don’t need but the time to get it is before you do.

Stores are only one bad incident away from bare shelves as any major disruption in our infrastructure will stop the trucks first. And when shelves are bare all etiquette goes out the door. People go nuts when this happens.

In other good news:

The Syrian Civil war is on the brink of becoming a world war. Our bipolar senator John McCain is pushing for us to go in because, you know, what could go wrong with that? The EU has lifted the arms ban on Syria and the Russians plan to send anti-aircraft weapons. Hezbollah in Lebanon is going all in. And Israel is getting even more nervous. And even China chimed in on things. So we have the makings for a great TV show, “who wants to start a world war?”. Syria, Russia, Lebanon, Israel, China, the European Union and John McCain. Who do you think will get voted off first?


I’m lovin’ the latest scandal in the latest scandal scandals. It turns out many of those tea bagger 501C4 applicants that the GOP is crying about being scrutinized by the IRS ARE actually illegal. They made false statements and do NOT meet the criteria for 501C4 status. So the scrutiny WAS warented. The letter of the law doesn’t allow any of these anyway so when it comes down to it we will see this backfire on these groups and the GOPeer’s.

Tune in to our “It’s Foreign To Me” segment to get the details.


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