Keynote Speech in Bogota, Columbia with Will Roberts

Recently I had the honor of speaking to a group of human resource folks at a Congress hosted by Human Capital in Bogota, Columbia. They spent several days discussing how to best retain valuable talent and the winning idea was to make employees feel valued and to make sure they had a great quality of life at and away from work.


I spoke at the closing keynote and introduced my Simple Sense to the mix. The idea of making employees feel valued was already a concept I could definitely get behind, but I spoke to the human resource folks about making sure that they instilled a healthy dose of quality into their lives too. Not only would they enjoy work and perform better, but they would get the chance to truly lead and live by example.


This is a concept that we must remember. Before we can effectively offer other-care, we must ensure we are practicing self-care. This is why parents are to put on their oxygen masks first before assisting a child in an airplane emergency, and why the lioness eats some before her children. None of these examples are acts of selfishness, but rather show that we must make sure our house is in order before helping and promoting change in others.


We had a wonderful and highly interactive time. The human resource folks were roping with me and shouting a “Yeehaw!” in no time. Simple Sense is about eliminating the clutter, identifying what is important and putting this into action. We focused in on communication and ensuring a meaningful connection with others. Nothing can beat when a guest comes up to you and says, “You showed me that I can change my life.” I will take that empowering statement over a, “You changed my life,” any day of the year. Mission accomplished.


The pictures included are photos from my amazing journey. I met wonderful people, experienced sensational food, and saw amazing sites. Thank you, Human Capital. And thank you, Bogota!


Your friend,
Will Roberts

Author: Will

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