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Do you have them? They are a big problem and affect millions of people. You can take drugs, but should be asking what is the root cause.


Sometimes they are caused by peanuts or eggs or dairy – food sensitivities. A food challenge test is just that – you eat the possibly offending food throughout a day – on its own, and we see what happens. Here is something interesting. I’ve had clients who were intolerant to eggs, and when they ate truly range free (pastured) eggs – chickens were not fed soy or corn – there was no food sensitivity and no headaches! So it does matter if our food is filled with antibiotics, hormones and GMO grains. Those foods create inflammation in our bodies.


DRINK WATER. One of the most common signs of headaches is the lack of drinking plain purified drinking water. Do not drink distilled, but drink a good reverse osmosis or otherwise cleansed water. 3 quarts to a gallon spread out throughout the day is very important. Do not drink with your meals.

Your-Brain-On-Gluten-healthylivinghowto.com_Many people are sensitive to gluten, the protein found in wheat, barley, rye, oats, and spelt. There are other chemicals (GMO grains which make that bread) and peptides in breads as well – not only gluten that can make us sick. I find that once people are bread free their lives change only for the better.


Consuming too much alcohol, sugar, flour, and starches – this type of lifestyle produces so many problems in the body. The GI tract becomes riddled with bugs – H.Pylori bacteria and Candida albicans are two that I see often. It is a great sign that the body’s many microbes in the gut are out of balance. This in turn affects the liver which cannot handle the overload and headaches along with inability to sleep (insomnia) are the result.


MAGNESIUM deficiency. At least once a month on this page I create an article on Magnesium. It is the relaxation mineral. If you’re deficient in it (over 85% of us are) you can often get headaches and migraines. I once had a client with chronic migraines who tried everything to cure them, but nothing helped. It turned out that she had a massive magnesium deficiency. She began a very high dose of magnesium, (by mouth and transdermally) and her migraines went away.


Mg-for-MigrainesIf you see your migraines every month at the onset of your cycle here are some thoughts: Balance your hormones to stop premenstrual migraines by exercising! eliminate caffeine, alcohol, and sugar; start eating a diet rich in plant foods – juicing is a great way to assimilate them. INCREASE your good fats – Not trans fats – but the GOOD ones for example Cod Liver Oil should be taken by everyone daily (A&D in fat form – your brain is about 65% fat!) and Omega 3 fish oils. This also goes for those in menopause.


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