NFL Week 8 – The Big Ticket

by Ethan J Kelleyweek8matchups

Sunday’s Big Ticket will star the Dallas Cowboys as they battle the Detroit Lions.

Dallas will visit Detroit in this NFC match up. I wouldn’t expect anything less than a shoot out between these two teams as the both have franchise QBs at the helm and plenty of offensive weapons at their disposal. 

Both teams come into the game with 4-3 records. The Cowboys and Lions both have prolific receivers in Dez Bryant and Calvin Johnson. Both should have a field day given neither team has much to boast about defensively with Dallas sitting an #29 and Detroit at #31 for total defense.

The Lions are at home, have a better running game and a better front 7. I’m also taking into account that Dallas has been iffy on the road and Tony Romo has been prone to make mistakes in critical situations. I don’t foresee a roaring victory but the Lions should have the win over the Cowboys.

det vs dal

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