Walk the Turtle – What does it mean to be a parent?

father-and-son-holding-hands-e1368114384791by Mike Aloia

As a kid, I remember getting in trouble and doing stupid things. My parent’s would find out and then I got punished for things I did wrong. Now as an adult, I realize I am lucky for having parents that bestowed good moral and spiritual values in me as well as good work ethic and the meaning of respect. These are the things needed so a person can grow and be part of society.

Understanding now as a parent how important this is and realizing what a great Mother and Father I have. I recall a time when Mom and Dad was very mad at me and I had to stay with my Aunt Sis and my Uncle Cos. They are my second set of parents. My aunt Sis is the nicest most loving wonderful person and she is Mom’s best friend. Uncle Cos was Dad’s best friend as well.

Uncle Cos was into doing magic tricks and he taught Dad. Uncle Cos opened up Mr. C’s Magic Lounge and Restaurant in Berwyn, Illinois. This was the coolest place ever! I used to hang out there as a kid during the day. Grandma and Grandpa Aloia lived close by and I would walk to the club to have a great Italian lunch. Mr.C’s had live close up magician’s behind the bar and at your table also Illusion’s on stage in the restaurant area.

One night  I was in trouble and I went to Mr. C’s, Uncle Cos told me to hang out and he would take me home after the club shut down. On the drive home Uncle Cos had a talk with me about how much my parents love and care about me as well as he & Aunt Sis and no matter what I did they would always love me. They told me that I gotta learn to always do what’s right in life. He told me I’m a good smart kid and someday I will have kid’s; only then will I understand what it means to be a parent. He was absolutely right!

Today I have a very close relationship with my Dad, he is my partner in the entertainment business. Mom and Uncle Cos are watching over all of us in heaven. Aunt Sis is my second Mom and we talk often. Today I must deal with my children’s issues, guide them and help them the best I can. I hope I have bestowed the same values in my children that my parent’s bestowed in me. I love being a parent and a Grandparent today.

Recently Dad went and met with Aunt Sis in Chicago and gave her Grandson a gold ring with the ace of spades on it that Dad bought when he first got into Magic. Now Dad says it must be passed on to my best friend’s Grandson. This ring symbolizes a lifetime of entertaining people and making a living doing it and because of Uncle Cos teaching him. When I walk my turtle, I think of how much I love my Dad and these memories I have of both sets of my parents. This makes me realize how blessed I am and what it means to be a parent.

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