We are serving the tea of your choice; white tea, black tea, or Diver-sity ‪

I’m Will Roberts, and this is the daily scream! Ahh, here we go! So today I am brewing up some tea, some diversity … Next.

Today I am in Raleigh North Carolina, I’m here speaking to folks and throwing my rope around. Now as I touch down in North Carolina I get a call from my wife, and she says ” I went into our daughter’s room, and she was drawing. I said to her ” what are you drawing sweetheart?” And she turned to me and said “mommy, I am drawing a picture for Martin Luther King JR. Martin Luther King JR, wow, folks my daughter is four years old.

Ironically on the flight into North Carolina I read the story about the Academy Award folks and how this year’s field of nominees is all white. Hey, Academy Award folks, if you need my four year old daughter to come in and teach some diversity classes let me know.

The odd thing about this situation is all you Academy folks needed to do, was put one person other than a white on the field, and it would have been, crisis diverted.

But, here’s what I really think, and I hate to be a skeptic. But this has the ear markings of “the Interview”. I think Hollywood has embarked on this new style marketing campaign. Because what sells tickets better than a scandal. I said this about the Interview & boy did they sell tickets.

Folks, keep your eyes and your mind open, I bet the Academy is not done with this marketing scheme yet.

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Will Roberts

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Get my daily ‪#‎Cartoons‬ at WillSays.com

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