Will Roberts Daily Scream UNcivil War! @TodaysCartoon

I’m Will Roberts and this is the Daily Scream! Ahhhhh

Here We go
Boy oh boy and things gotten bad I mean What’s going on in our country… I kind of feel like my Daily Scream now should just be me just screaming the whole time. See, when we were younger we were told that we could live our second childhood .. I didn’t think that meant everyone would act 16 again.

I’m talking about social media. see everyone now just speaks their mind, even if they are outta their minds and our politicians they seem to have less manners and coolth than the class bullies did.

The problem is that because of social media we no longer have ramifications. no one’s really accountable because all we do now if you don’t like something we just scream… fake news! and politicians they just use lawyers to spin around. I’m convinced of lawyers are just bullies that became successful at being a…. bully!
I just want it to be like the old days where we tried to be civil to each other, unlike now a days where were trying to create a civil war.

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