Will Roberts Weekly Telegram Talk Radio for June 1, 2013

Will Roberts Weekly Telegram Talk Radio for June 1, 2013

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by Your Host Will Roberts
Will Roberts Keynote Speaker on Common Sense

Will Roberts Keynote Speaker on Common Sens

Here is my weekly round up of the political follies on Capital Hill,  the hi-lights and low-life’s of this weeks news.

Before I start I want to tell you something I never knew… fish don’t sleep! They get in a state that’s like sleep but they look awake.

“I get it now!”

Congress: lives in a State of confusion must be a form of sleep.

This week we found out that Michele Bachman will not run for office next time around.  Don’t be too disappointed folks, with the FBI, the Federal Election Commission and the Office of Congressional Ethics on her tail, I don’t think she will stop running for a while.

Here is this cowboy’s spin on a few of this weeks events.

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This weeks guest:


DAVID MARK, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF of http://Politix.Topix.com




David Mark is editor-in-chief of Politix. He was previously a senior editor at Politico and a reporter on Capitol Hill. He is author of “Going Dirty: The Art of Negative Campaigning.”

David Mark (PolitixDavid) on Twitter



POPVOX Roundup: Week of May 17 – 23 Top 20 Bills

Immigration Reform

Rachna Choudhry

Rachna Choudhry

Weekly Bills On The Hill from PopVox.com

by Rachna

More than 3,700 people weighed in on the Gang of Eight’s comprehensive immigration reform bill (S 744) this week. Nine in ten POPVOX users oppose the bill. This week, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the bill, called the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act, and it will be considered by the full Senate next month.

Want to be a part of the POPVOXnation conversation? Please join us on Facebook or Twitter. It’s a great way to stay connected with the POPVOX team and Congress. Thanks for using POPVOX!

Here are the bills and proposals that POPVOX users weighed in on with Congress in the past week. Keep in mind that these numbers aren’t aggregates of total support, but just what happened in the past seven days.

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“It’s Foreign To Me” : The Mayan Prophecy

Johnny - Roving Radical

Johnny – Roving Radical

It’s Foreign To Me is our segment co-hosted by the roving radical, Johnny, Senior Radical Commentator on current affairs.

This week I’m thinking, now that we are in the Mayan prophecy of the end, maybe it’s time to have a drink. How the hell are we ever going get thru this sober.

It is ALL foreign to me.

I think we should step back every so often and take a look at the big picture. So…

Let me see if I’ve got this right. Tornadoes are getting bigger.

Ice caps are getting smaller.

Hurricanes are more frequent.

Droughts are getting longer.

Ocean levels are getting higher.

Deserts are getting hotter.

Infrastructures are falling apart.

Religious groups are getting dangerously extreme.

Corporations are too big to fail.

Governments are failing.

People are less ethical than ever.

And the Simpson’s ratings are down on TV.

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PICTURE THIS – Chicagoland

by Armand Thomas


The Windy City. The Second City. Call it what you will, Chicago is one hardy, progressive and gorgeous city.

It lures as many visitors  each year as Las Vegas – 45 million – albeit most of these are domestic.

Americans love the pulsating capital of heartland.

It has the thumping urban scene, sandy beaches along Lake Michigan, a vibrant music scene and many culture, cosmopolitan attractions.

Oh, and… sports!

Sure the Cubs are the lovable sad sacks, but Chicagoland loves its teams like family.

Go Hawks!


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Astro Vibes

by Holly Hall



This is the week of June 2nd 2013 and welcome to yet another week of astro fun!
This weeks astro energy will end on “Show me the Money!” But first we have to get it started and make the most of it. With that said forewarned is forearmed. This week will start out feisty, energetic and for many Pissed off! Many have had enough with how and what they earn. Communication has be scattered and all talk, no action. Enough is enough! So use this energy for most of Monday and Tuesday to get mad and find a plan of action. So what are you going to do about it!? Great now you have an idea. Mid week use the  grounded, energy to make a plan with this new found strategy you have created. Basically put your money where your mouth is OR inform others to do so. Ending the week and going into the weekend, you will feel nostalgic, maybe feeling sorry for yourself, or another. Keep that in check use the emotion to nurture and care for yourself, but do not waver from “The Plan” the weekend is best spent with family and friends who are like family, share your ideas. Many of you will get support. Just remember negative support can still be priceless information you can use.

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Pete Santilli of the Guerilla Media Network


Our Assessment: Psychopaths Rule The World

by Patrick Henningsen, Guerilla Media Network

They often gravitate towards positions of power and wealth…

The mental health profession is diagnosing millions of people per year with various conditions, but what happens when those same clinical psychologists turn their clipboards towards of politicians, lawyers and CEO’s?

Real scientific psychological profiling has revealed in recent years that much of the so-called ‘leadership’ we the people empower with the right to rule – carry all the traits of a clinically diagnosed psychopath.

All we are left to do is sit back in shock and awe as captains of industry, social engineers and politicians “gaslight” the population into an unnatural state of over-compliance and social mediocrity. Psychopaths will try to make the unacceptable seem normal, the illegal seem legal, and the most horrific acts seem necessary.

They are what’s known as “low empathy individuals”…

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News from Down Under

Islamic solution to violence: build more mosques in Australia

by Bernard Gaynor


Islamic solution to violence: Build more mosques.

That is the solution proposed by the Head Honcho of Australia’s Islamic community to the problem of regular atrocities conducted in the name of Allah against non-Muslims across the world.

The latest incident happened to be the hatchet job done on a poor British soldier just metres from his military base. It was carried out by two converts to the ‘Religion of Peace’, as Islam is known in politically correct circles.

And judging by the ever increasing number of arrests associated with this attack and the Intelligence community’s knowledge of these people, it seems that these murderers were not alone or unnoticed.

The ‘lone wolf’ scenario favoured by the media and Islamic apologists is more likely to be a ‘wolf pack’ scenario, in which the wolves behind the pointy end of the blade were aided and abetted by hapless government authorities, desperately clinging to the belief that Islam is a legitimate and worthwhile religious ideology.

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Issue Spotlight: Student Loans

Top 20 Bills from Congress for the week on Jan 10th From POPVOX.com & humor provided by Humorist Will Roberts.

Top 20 Bills from Congress and Senate

by Rachna

Schools are out for the summer! But as students get a break from classes, whether they get a break from higher interest rates depends on Congress. Interest rates on federal subsidized Stafford student loans are set to double from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent on July 1. According to the House Committee on Education and Workforce, if Congress doesn’t act, the neediest students will see their costs increase by over $1,000 per year through repayment. 

Last week, the House passed the Smarter Solutions for Students Act (HR 1911), which would reset student loan interest rates once a year according to the market — for new loans made after July 1, 2013. Stafford loan interest rates would be calculated based on the 10-year Treasury note plus 2.5 percent, and parent and graduate PLUS loans would be calculated using the 10-year Treasury note plus 4.5 percent. The legislation would also cap interest rates at 8.5 percent on Stafford loans and 10.5 percent on PLUS loans. However, the White House has indicated that President Obama would veto this bill.

Student loan debt have staggering effects on the economy.

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Will Roberts NEW Political Humor book!

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